Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dad Is Home!

Friday....the last day of the semester = NO More Homework! Friday....the last day of the semester = Alex off work for a month! So Friday came, and Alex came home singing songs at the top of his lungs. We are so excited to have him for a long Christmas break. The girls were climbing all over him almost the whole evening just squealing with joy. It was fun to watch.

We had some wintry weather this weekend. The forecast said it would come in Friday evening and snow all weekend long. This weekend was also Alex's brother Chase's Mission Farewell (if that made any sence). He's been called to Fort Worth Texas. They live about 3 hours away, and during bad weather, the roads can be pretty nasty. Since the entire crew of siblings decided to stay over, we hoped to be able to drive up Sunday morning to be there for the farewell. We woke up to snow and decided not to make the drive. I feel awful for missing it. So Chase, we are sorry. Congrats on the mission! We wish you the BEST experience and promise to be there when you get home!


  1. That picture of Alex and the girls is really cute! Isn't it such a relief when finals are done? we won't get that till Wednesday. Sorry we cancelled Boise last weekend, but we'll be there....honestly whenever we want. Parker's last final is Wednesday. So maybe Friday...or if we're lucky Thursday night. And we'll stay till Monday so we won't miss anything fun Sunday night. I'm kinda nervous...we're getting our genes tested!

  2. Hey Anna, I love your blog. Sorry I'm just now posting!

  3. Being in side is much more fun during the winter.
    That may just be an opinion of a Florida girl but....
    It is really cold already. burr
    I am happy for you all.