Friday, March 28, 2008

I've got no strings....To Hold Me...?...Up

Well, she has finally committed! Officially walking! Its really funny to watch her go because she tends to walk like a mummy with her arms straight out, but she is going and loving every minute of it. There are no strings on her.
We are having a little sleepover tonight. Alex's twin brother Lance and his wife Katie are taking some much needed R&R tonight, so we get their youngest two kids for our very first sleepover. It seems as though maybe Kaleb also has no strings because he took a nose dive into the ground while learning to ride his bike. He managed to scrape up his knees and chin and also broke his front tooth in half. OUCH! It will probably get pulled on Monday.

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  1. Poor Caleb. Gross. Our little Mycah is all grown up.