Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The never ending FLU!!!

Ok, so I'm pretty much ready to call it quits on this flu thing. I can't even count how many times we have had the flu this winter....Oh ya all of us except for Alex. A couple days ago it was Mycah, Yesterday it was Dejah, Today it is me. Can you believe it, I even wore green all day yesterday. Well at least there is no nausea or fever at least for me. I just feel as though I have been hit by a mad truck and my entire body is in pain. Mycah had a fever, Dejah had vomiting, and I have aching and chills. I hope this is all over by tomorrow, I have this insane obsession about having a clean house, so I have a hard time just sitting down and relaxing when my house is a mess. On top of that, my motherly duties don't seem to get a brake.


  1. YAY! welcome to the blog world!!! I love your page! You did such a great job. Those wedding pics of Alex KILL me! He looks SO SO young!

    Post some pics of your cute kids soon!

  2. That is really crappy that you guys keep getting sick. Hope you start feeling better.