Sunday, March 23, 2008

Our Easter/Anniversary

This weekend was packed full of things to celebrate. Friday was my sister's birthday....Happy Birthday Heather! Saterday was our Five year Anniversary and our Easter day with the girls. Saturday morning we drove to Ann Morrison Park for the huge Boise Easter egg hunt. Mycah had a turn with the 0-2 yr olds then Dejah with the 3-4 yr olds. While Alex was watching Mycah she saw a little puppy and got really excited. I have never seen her squeel with such excitment ever! It was so funny to watch her reach for that puppy and get all jumpy over it! It was a bunch of fun! After filling their baskets we took the girls to late breakfast and then home for naps. After that we drove back into boise to let the girls play at the park. We saw lots of squirles which again Mycah got all excited about. Both the girls just wanted to touch them and play with them. These pictures aren't very good, but it shows the girls looking at a squirrel.
After we left the park, we took the girls to my sister Melissa's house so that we could go out to dinner alone. It was nice even if it was only an hour.
Today is Easter and we are loading up on Easter candy and pure relaxation. This week is spring break and Alex has the whole week off, so we have lots of Spring cleaning and yard work. Hopefully the weather will be nice so that we can enjoy the week.


  1. So cute!! Such an adorable family you have!!! :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. I can't wait until Corbin is old enough to do stuff like that. At the same time I just want to keep snuggling with my cute big little baby.

  3. YOu guys had a better anniversary than we did! Next year I'm talking cruise or Hawaii! You'll have to come with us!