Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I saw this on my friend's blog, and thought I would give it a try. I changed a couple things.
So check it out and give it a try yourself.

Attached or Single: Attached

Best Friend: Would definitely be Alex. Girlfriends: There are so many of you I won't make a
list, but I would hope you know who you are.

Cake or Pie: Pie! Cream pies are the best, but I'll take a fruit pie warm with ice cream!

Day of Choice: Friday, because that is usually when we get out with Alex and stay up later. I also have to add Monday because I also enjoy my own time to be lazy while Alex is working.

Essential Item: Hooded Sweat Shirts! Dr. Pepper! Chocolate!

Favorite Color: I know its not much of a color, but I love white!

Gummy Bears or Worms: sour worms, and thanks to my mother-in-law I need to include cinnamon bears.

Hometown: Eagle, Idaho

Favorite Flower: Star Gazer Lilies

Indulgences: Eating Out, Arctic Circle Milk-shakes, Girls night out (a rare occasion)

January or July: Definitely July!

Kids: 2 Girls...Dejah and Mycah

Life is Incomplete Without: Family

Number of Siblings: 2 Brothers, 2 Sisters, 7 Brother-in-Laws, 6 Sister-in-Laws

Oranges or Apples: Oranges if they are cold and juicy

Phobias: Bees! This one time I went on a rafting trip and wanted to be tan. So before the trip I got a nice bronzy spray tan. It pretty much makes you smell like Maple Syrup. Lets just say the bees along the river loved my yummy smelling tan and swarmed me during half the trip. After a couple bee stings I tucked my head into my life jacket and closed my eyes and plugged my ears so that I wouldn't see them. I can't stand those critters!

Quote: "No one on their death bed ever wished they put more time in at the office!"

Reasons to Smile: Springtime, Fun times with family and friends, my children having a good time, watching Alex wake board.

If I had all the money in the world, what would I do with it: First off, Alex and I desperately need make-overs. Our clothing is out of date and in a desperate need of replacement! Second, I would get a bigger home. Not a mansion, just practical enough for a larger family. Third, Food Storage. We have none, and may use part of that "stimulus check" to stock up. Fourth, get Alex a boat. Last but not least, share-share-share!

Season: I'm sorry but I can't pick just one. Spring! I love the weather, the walks and the beautiful flowers. Summer! I love going to the lake on a hot summer day, camping out, and BBQ's! Fall. I love to slip into my sweats and sit and watch football with my husband.

Unknown Fact About Me: I still sleep with my baby blanky. I know its sad, but I just can't part with it.

Vegetarian or Meat Eater: I love some yummy meat, but I have discovered vegetables in my "older" years and love them when prepared just right.

Worst Habit: Cracking my little knuckles right before bed. Alex hates it!

Your Favorite Food: It depends on my mood. My top picks would be PaPa Johns Pizza, Chinese, BBQ Ribs, Fettuchini Alfredo, and ICE CREAM.

Zodiac: Leo (that's right...I'm a lioness so don't mess with me...Alex)


  1. I like that you added some to it. It is always fun to learn new things about friends!!!

  2. This was fun. I might try it except that im super boring and predictable! Maybe ill make a spicy one with really random questions on it.

  3. Nope, we are not in Laramie anymore. We moved to Montana in January. Justin got a new job with New York life as a Financial Planner.

  4. Great list! I like to read 'get to know you's. I have to agree with you on Dr. Pepper -- it is my choice of stimulant, when needed. I try to limit my intake and choose diet instead of regular because I get enough sugar other places. I just lurve it!

  5. I loved your list. I didn't know that you didn't like bees. I guess you don't want to go work for my hubby then. ;)