Friday, April 4, 2008

No Heat

Buying a home is always an interesting experience. Well, we bought this home in September 2006. We did the things we felt needed to be done before making an offer, including having an inspection done. The inspection came back fairly clean with not too much to worry about. Well, as things sometimes go, the inspector missed a few things that we may have considered when making our offer. No sense crying about it now. Ok so our first winter came and with the cold I wanted heat. Our furnace has been a bit trippy for the last two winters we have been here. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night and my house would be 66 degrees. Now, if you are Alex and have a body temperature of a Thousand Degrees, that may not bother you, but for me, I will be freezing cold in the middle of the summer for no reason AT ALL. Ok so our first winter in the house we pulled the old thermostat off and replaced it with a nice new one and then my dad came to help me with the filter. Well lets just say this is the part that the inspector way missed because in the "filter chamber" (whatever you call it), there were two very dirty filters that looked as though they have never....repeat NEVER been changed. Dirty does not describe the grossness of those filters. Needless to say we cleaned everything up and replace the filters. Ok winter number two, the heater works and then sometimes not. This week it decided it was DUNZOE. No matter what I did it just blew cold air. I told Alex that we needed to have someone come fix it. A couple nights ago it got really cold and I was up at 3:30, Mycah was up at 4:30 like a little ice cube, then Alex was up for work. That morning our house was 63degrees. Brrrrh. My sister brought us a heater and I opened my oven and cranked it up. We had it repaired last night and things are nice and warm again. Hopefully next winter it will work beautifully. I am so ready for SUMMER!
This is what it felt like to me.


  1. Maddie's test takes an hour to an hour and a half once they get her all hooked up. I think the dr could have been quieter...I think they had it in their mind it wasn't going to work, so they didn't try very hard to be quiet.

  2. This reminded me of sleeping at hart and jorys house...they let it drop to 60 degrees at night! when we watched their kids for a week I slept fully clothed and hibernated right up next to gabe! I need it to be 73...all the time!