Friday, April 25, 2008

Surviving Boardom

Ok first off, I must say I am not a good speller, so if my spelling is wrong...too bad for you. Ok so I think I've survived Alex's absence pretty well. He still isn't home but hopefully will be soon. Yesterday I went and visited one of my old best friends Korin 'Atwood'. It was fun visiting and watching the kids play. I must say that I have been blessed with such cool friends. The day before that I spent a big chunk of my day with another old Best friend Andrea 'Young'. I wish I could do that more often. Anyhow, last night I stayed up really late and watched a chick flick from Hallmark called "Love comes Softly". I highly recommend it! But I almost bawled through half of it. So be warned. Today I spent most of the day cleaning. I washed my windows, dusted and wiped electronics, vacuumed, etc... That's about it. Hopefully we can get out tomorrow with Alex and enjoy the nice weather that should be heading this way.


  1. Visiting with friends is the best. I always enjoy those times when I can do a play date, and visit.

  2. Anna-you know "Love Comes Softly" is a whole series right?? You have to see the whole thing!! I think you can get them all from Netflix, or if you watch the listings on the Halmark channel, they will play them all in order every once in a while..I think you can get all the titles at halmark are 5 or 6 of them...and we love them all!!!