Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Predicting The Future

So today I decided to look through my old journal. If you never kept a journal, I am right there with you, I was terrible at it, but not completely hopeless. It is really funny to me. Oh the life of a teenage girl. The boys, the friends, the DRAMA. Anyhow, I came across a page that I would like to share. Now for some background. I was seventeen years old. I was a Junior at Eagle High School. It was the first opening year at Eagle High. I was very involved with choir. I was in the varsity Jazz group, the Women's choir, and the Accapella choir. Very into the music scene. I was kind of waiting for a missionary. My boyfriend Ben Campbell left for a mission at the end of my sophomore year at Meridian High School. He was due to be back at the end of my senior year. I was somewhat smitten, so some of this might be a bit byess to him. I do remember thinking of all the guys I was attracted to and kind of combined their best attributes together. This is funny for me to read.

April 14, 1996

Well, I probably should be going to bed right now, but I wanted to write a little bit first. Yesterday was prom. It was fun. Anyway, I've been thinking about all the guys I've dated, and I've done a guess on what my future husband will look and act like. Ok, he'll be kind of skinny yet he;ll be really strong and "athletically" built. He'll be significantly taller than me, but not too much. He will be "shy" around people he doesn't know to well, but he won't be shy at all. He'll have a seance of humor and a tease, yet he'll be passionate at the same time. He'll enjoy music, and will have to be involved with music in some way weather is playing an instrument, or singing. He'll have to enjoy dancing, and skiing, ect... He will be smart when it comes to fixing things, and he'll be respectful and a hard worker.

Ok, short and kind of indecisive to me. But here is the facts about the man I married. Alex Seth Beal. Raised on a farm (like me). Growing up he was very skinny...not so much now, but I think there is some potential there. I think he is "athletically built". (Although this phrase could encompass many shapes and sizes). Yes, he is taller than me. Almost any guy is taller than me considering my height is 5' 3". Significantly taller..? Not so sure. Alex is 5' 10" I think. Shy around strangers? Not a chance. He is way outgoing. Seance of humor and a tease? He is such a tease I wish he would lay off a bit. Passionate? He's a guy!! Need I say more? When it comes to music, Alex has a story there. You see, I know he likes music, but he was raised by a very musical mom. He sang in everything and also attempted the piano. After hating the piano and quitting he continued singing. After his first year a Rick's College he quit the choir thing because everyone was so nerdy he couldn't stand it anymore. He tends to shush me while I'm singing or humming, so I think he's built up a dislike for "musical things". I've heard him sing and he's quite good. But I don't think he will be exploring this talent much in this life. I think he enjoys dancing, but we haven't been since we were single. I'm pretty sure I am way into it more than him. He loves to Snow Board, Wake board, camp, kayak, ect.. All these things he hit right on the money. Personally I think he is smart when it comes to fixing things, he's just a little reserved in trying. He does fix our cars, so I am really grateful for that. Hard Worker? Absolutely!
So there you have it. My predictions were mostly true, but I think they were a bit general and indecisive.


  1. I think anna is right on a lot of what she said. I like to dirty dance, and I wouldn't mind a night out on the town so that later I could show more of my passion. I don't believe that I will sing anymore. I have never liked chior, yet I would't mind singing with anna alone. I hate all of the practices the chior likes to have, but i especially hate how chior members think they know something about voice, pitch, pallet, ect.

  2. I like your new layout. Such a cute family you have. I have often gone back and looked at my past journals and it can be quiet funny to see what I was thinking.

  3. Alex likes to dirty dance, oh my. I get a kick out of reading my old journal entries too. Especially junior high, classic.