Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bike Rides

Ok so some of you may already know that Alex's sister Mitzi found me a FABULOUS deal on a bike trailer. About $30 to be exact. Used and not in the greatest shape, but still in great working condition. Since that purchase, we've taken the girls on a bike ride almost every day this summer. We all love it. Kuna has some good areas for bike rides, but on occasion we like to go down to the green belt in Boise. The trail is flat, and there are trees surrounding most of it. The scenery is beautiful and we have a great time. Last night we went with Scott, Mitzi and their cute baby Corbin. They've never been on the Green Belt before, so it was fun to show them. Here are a couple pictures.


  1. How fun!! I would love a bike trailer

  2. What a great thing to do as a family! The girls have questionable looks on their faces, but I bet they love it. :)

  3. Hey, it's funny how working makes you so busy!! I haven't blogged in like five days!! Crazy. Will we get to see you this weekend? More work on the roof if Alex wants to help shingle!