Saturday, July 12, 2008

Last Minute Camp-Out!

On Friday My sister called us and asked if we'd like to go on a "last minute" camping trip to Sage-Hen Reservoir. We tossed around the idea for about an hour then finally decided to go. We only have one other camping trip planned this summer, so we thought the girls might have a good time. We packed really fast and took the 1 1/2 hour drive up. We were the first ones there, so we found a camping spot and set up our tent. My two other sisters and their families showed up a little later. We all stayed up late.... really late. The kids had a blast and slept great. Here are some pictures of our little trip. I had a really cute video of the kids playing, but it is literally taking hours for one short video to download on here so I may try later.
We had the bikes and the trailers. That was fun for the kids. Here is my sister Heather and her kid Caleb.
Here is Mycah with Heather's Hubby...Uncle ParkerHere is Alex giving Dejah some "Daddy TLC"
Mycah...eating...and eating...and eating....and eating....
My Sisters Heather and Melissa
Alex pushed the kids around in the little boat with their little fishing poles

After a late night and an early morning the girls were WIPED OUT!


  1. I thought the water was fine, Justin thought it was cold, but I think that was because it's so shallow it's hard to stay underwater all the time as an adult. Looks like the camping trip was a lot of fun!!

  2. Hey anna-
    Parker and Tory rode their bikes down the mountain. It was like ten miles, but all downhill. They loved it. Caleb fell asleep after about thirty seconds. I thought it was lots of fun. Things get hectic with kids, but I still thought it was lots of fun.

  3. That looked like a lot of fun, I loved the last picture. So funny.