Monday, July 21, 2008

Such Randomness

So this blog post has no theme or reason, but since my days are so random and full of surprises I just couldn't resist writing them down.
Thought #1, my cousin Christina has a daughter just around Dejah's age, she is much taller therefore grows out of her clothes just in time for Dejah to fit into them. Now lets just say that Christina definitely has good taste in kids clothes...they are absolutely darling and totally what I would dream to buy Dejah. Well forget the buying, Christina just gave me a bag of "hand-me-downs". Its like Christmas, I was so excited to see what was in there. Everything...CUTE. Well wouldn't you know it, Dejah, who is the pickiest dresser I have EVER...EVER seen on a 4 year old will only wear about 1/2 of them!! You may ask...Why? Whats her deal? Lets just say if the waist is too tight...forget it. If the sleeves are a bit snug around her way. Underwear...this one is hilarious, they have to be BAGGY and SAGGY, if they stick to her even slightly she will jump up and down and kick and have a fit. He hair, Her clothes...all of it. Now you say..just make her. This is a whole set of drama on its own that could probably be put into a reality joke. Trust me, I "make" her most of the time, but it is a serious "Toddler" fight between the both of us. No matter how much I try to convince her what is cute and what looks like a street rat, she won't have it! So there it is, my little drama queen.
Thought #2, I have some new favorite things to substitute the "lack of Dish Network". NETFLIX!!! Holy Joy. First off, no I don't spend all my time in front of the tube, but being an at home mommy requires some "down time", so I have signed up for a two week free trial. So far it is very delightful. I didn't sign up for their Major plan, just the $8.99 a month. You basically get one video at a time, unlimited amount per month. Received in 1 to 2 business days, keep it as long as you want, send it back in a prepaid envelope and then they send you another. This definitely beats renting (EXPENSIVE), and I get to watch movies on my computer instantly. This is the best perk of all. Our computer is in our bedroom so we can watch movies by just selecting it and hitting play. The resolution isn't the best, but not horrible. There are tons of T.V. series to choose from too.
Thought #3, More favorite things. I wouldn't call it my favorite, but I have officially taken over Alex's "unused" gym pass. So that has been good in a horrible kind of way. Also, Super Nintendo, I'm not a big "gamer", but this provides hours of entertainment (more like 1/2 hr. max). Reading, still not a huge fan, but I am currently reading "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer. Good book so far, but still waiting to get...."hooked". Riding my bike and pulling the girls behind me is something we do daily and I love it.
Thought #3 1/2, Mycah is going to nursery soon at church and I'm not sure how I feel about that. She is my baby and it is a bitter sweet feeling. There are about 20 kids in there with 3 Adults watching them. I'm a bit nervous, but what do ya do.
Thought #4, I am turning 30 on August 5th. I can't believe it! My hubby will be gone the 2nd through the 8th for training, so I will be on my own. Hopefully he will make it up to me when he gets back.
Thought #5, My sister-in-Law Christy is due to have her first little baby any day now. So here's to sooner than later.
Thought #6, I am the most blessed person. I have a wonderful family, great inlaws, great kids, we are healthy, we have food on the table, shelter and clothes. I belong to a church that challenges me to always be more Christ-like. I am so blessed.


  1. Okay, I may have said it before on facebook, but I don't remember. But you have SERIOUSLY got to be the only person I know that is dreading the little one going into Nursery!!! We are COUNTING down the days! (3 more sundays to go!) That was all. I just had to state that I thought that was odd of you. :)

  2. What a day! The bowling alley was a good idea right? I thought it was shoulda been five frames instead of ten, but I still thought it was fun. See ya.

  3. I love your random thoughts! :-) August 5th is Justin Hugo's birthday too! I wonder if we ever knew in school that you had the same birthday...:-)