Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ipod Nano

YaY! I got a Nano Ipod for my birthday from my wonderful Mom and Dad. Now if only I could figure the thing out. What? You Say? You can't believe I don't have one already? Yes, it is true, I'm a bit behind the times. It seems as though everyone has at least one. Nope not me. I don't even have any "updated music" to put on this beautiful little gadget. I do have a very large book of CD's but the music in there is now in my "less desirable" category. Some dating back to MC Hammer and Erasure, Boys 2 Men and The Cranberries, all good music....all old. What to do? Download you say? Hmmm...$1 per song or groceries? No I'm not that poor, but to take that method would mean lots of precious dollars for a song. I guess I will have to make some friends who buy updated music. If any of you have suggestions on how to remedy this, please fill me in. I am very excited to use it, now all I need is a hub and new tunes.

Did you ever see a child get so excited about a particular movie? Well Dejah has had many favorites, but one that has seemed to stick around is the Classic Wizard of OZ. She never tires of it, and probably has all the songs memorized. I havn't owned it until today. $5 for the VHS..nice! She loves it and sings along. It is so funny to watch.

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