Sunday, August 3, 2008

Midnight Release!

About a year ago, one of my good friends Andrea (Young) Rumsey and I were on a girls night out. She kept raving on and on about this book that she insisted that I read. Since I'm not a big reader, I just kind of brushed it off. While we were at the mall we went into the book store and she bought me "Twilight". She told me it was about a vampire, but pretty much left it at that and said I had to read it. I figured if she thought so highly of the book to buy it for me, I'd definitely give it a go. When I read the book I was hooked!! It is a rare thing to lock me into a book where I can't put it down. I put EVERYTHING off! I was up late...My husband didn't get it. When I finished I had to go to the store that day to buy book two of the series. The same happened with book three. Since book four was not released yet I had to wait. During that time my series was loaned out to TEN other people. My paper-back copy that was a gift from Andrea was extremely "used" so I had to replace it with a new hard bound copy. This last weekend was the release of book four. I decided to join my sisters for the midnight release. My mom figured she would also join in. So Friday night we had girls night and went to dinner at Red Lobster, then to the "Dark Knight" movie. Following that we went to Hastings where we had reserved copies waiting for us. We were at the front of the line so we were the first to purchase the awaited "Breaking Dawn". We had a good time. I haven't read it yet but I am really excited to see how the story turns out. Here is a picture of the upcoming characters for the movie this winter.

Me and my MOM!
Me and Heather!
My sister Melissa...all dressed up for the occasion!


  1. I am so excited to read it!! I too heard about the books from several people,and at first I wasn't sure I would like them, but like everyone else I was hooked.

  2. I'm glad you liked the books and I'm excited to see how you like the new one. I haven't read it yet, but have it reserved at the library. I know, I should go out and buy it so I don't have to wait, but it makes me feel good to deny myself a book once in a while...

  3. my sister stayed awake all night reading it, and apparently it made her want to kill herself! Somehow she was disappointed. I havent read any of them, but maybe someday!

    Sorry for just leaving the pump on the doorstep! It was seriously a lifesaver for a whole 24 hours before it turned bipolar on me! It all of a sudden had super low suction and wouldnt turn up! I hope I didnt somehow break it!

    I went and bought the medela swing pump which is just a single electric. But its working great. Although....breastfeeding in general is the DEVIL :)

  4. Breaking Dawn was amazing! ...of course, the beginning was kinda depressing. A little. But it gets better! And Happy Birthday Anna!