Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beauty Treatment Tag!

Ok. First off, I am not a beauty queen. I don't know the latest and greatest in beauty secrets. I've never had a spa treatment or makeover. You could call me a "tom boy" of sorts, but I do like to look good, and hope someday to become "fashionable". I found this tag on someones Blogpage and I loved it! I would love to see all your beauty secrets. So I wanted to start spreading it around. Have fun!

My Foundation- I know this is odd, but Christy introduced me to spray-on nylons, and I've loved them! I rub a little on my hands with lotion and spread over my face for a nice natural glow. Before that I was using a product called Jafra. I really like anything lightweight, that covers my blemishes and doesn't make your face "stand out" too much.

My Blush- I don't use blush, but I do use Mary Kay face bronzing beads.

My Day Cream- I wish I could say that I had some "majic" cream, but since I suffered with acne so bad growing up, I use what my dermatoligist recommended....Cetyphil Day Lotion.

My Lipstick- Again...no lipstick, but I love lip gloss. And I like my lips to be a light pearly pink. Too bad lip gloss doesn't stick around.

My Essential Beauty Product- Eye shadow and mascara! Most of the time, I don't wear makeup, so then I would have to say Sun and Moisturizer.

My Favorite Product- Again....Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

My Perfume- Sorry. I don't like perfume, but I do love a good smelly lotion!

My Nails- I wish I could say that I had pretty nails. I think I have pretty hands because my fingers are long and extremely skinny, but I've never had a manicure and my nails crack and split when I grow them out. One time I grew them out and really cared for them. I did a french manicure on them and LOVED it.

My Feet- I love soft feet. I can honestly say I've never had bad calouses. I definately moisturize my feet. Cetyphil Cream. I love keeping my toenails painted. They are currently colored a chocolate bronze.

My Hands- Back to the "Hands" comment.

Three Beauty Items to take to a Desert Island- A Razor (I don't think I could stand hairy armpits). Tweezer (again..hair on the face...not so pretty). Aquaphor for my lips (I can't stand dry cracked lips).

Women I admire for their beauty- My mom is always looking her best and usually won't leave the house without doing her hair and makeup. My Sister-in-Law Christy...even when she thinks she's not "top notch" I think she always looks Beautiful.

Women with the best sense of style- My freind Andrea always has really cute clothes. Again, I have to say Christy. Jessica Simpson is my favorite for style, she always looks so cute.

My personal Beauty secret- Excersize and Diet. Eat right, treat your body good, you will look and feel better than any product could ever do for you. (Now I need to live it)

My Ultimate Beauty Dream- To have long georgous hair, naturally tan skin with no freckles or moles, no vercose veins....and......Lazer Hair removal! Need I say more?

Tag?>>>>>>Every Lady who reads this....consider yourself TAGGED!


  1. hey i got your comment on my blog today....maybe we should hook up some time and let the kids play or something. Let me know what you got going on....

  2. First of all, you are SOSOSO lucky to have such a natural beauty. You dont even have to wear makeup to look spectacular - and I resorted to spraying nylons on my face just to appear in public! HAHA! Anyway, Im glad its workin for you, I love how fast it gets my face covered up! (for me, the less natural the better!)
    And if I could somehow wave a magic wand and get away with some lip gloss and moisturizer, you know I would!But I would never look near as good as you! Ive told Gabe many a time before how gorgeous you were. ESPECIALLY your hands. (I know thats an odd thing to think is pretty on a person, but ugly hands are top on my list of intolerables!) ok, im going to do this tag now. Because FUN! And Im a little vain and LOVE makeup and beauty products!!!

  3. I love Cetaphil! It's the only thing that works for me! I have to use the soap and the lotion or I go crazy and can't substitute it for anything else! And the part I love best? It's at Walmart! :)

  4. Yes - it's funny who you find in blog land...or in Boise for that matter:P It was fun to run into you guys at the mall...your girls are beautiful!