Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comings and Goings

Wow, I am so blogged out. I just haven't been taking pictures, and not much in the mood to write about my comings and goings. Not alot of excitement here, just "stuff". Hey though, my headaches finally went away. I don't know what that was all about, but finally its over.
This past week I have been trying to come up with "new" meal ideas for us. I've been so tired of the same-ol-same-ol, so I've succeeded at some fabulous BBQ Pork ribs, with creamy scalloped potatoes. I guess the key to ribs is the "Dry Rub"....who would have thought??? Then you wrap them in tin foil and slow cook them before throwing them on the grill and smother them with sauce....yum! Yesterday I used the fruits of my Dad's labors and made SALSA! It was Fab!! My Dad has this HUGE garden. It is overpopulated with many vegetables, so I can take advantage whenever I go there. They also have fruit trees and grape vines. I have a box of yummy peaches that I need to do something with.
The past couple months I have been READING. Can you believe it? Well I can't, I'm not a big reader, but I love a good book. I finally finished reading the Twilight series. I loved it! But now its over and I am finding myself "craving" a good book. Any suggestions???
During my "comings and goings", I've also discovered the game called "Ticket to Ride". So Freaking Fun! I've also started watching "Dancing with the Stars". Ok, I'm not the biggest fan, but when your TV choices are limited, you do what you can. It always starts off so slow, but if you don't watch it from the beginning then you don't get the full effect of the show. This year they have hired on Lacey from "So You think You Can Dance" to be one of the instructors! So theres a few dancers I'm pretty interested in.
Alex has been SO busy with work and his Masters! Busy Busy Busy! At least he's home during homework. Well that's about it. I'll try to get pics up soon.


  1. I LOVE Ticket to Ride. Seriously, one of my favorite games ever!

    I'm glad your headaches went away. I didn't know Alex was getting his masters -- very cool.

    I'm rereading a favorite book right now that might be of interest -- These Is My Words by Nancy Turner. It is good.

  2. So glad your feeling better!! I agree ticket to ride is so fun. We played it for the first time with a group of friends, and it was a blast.

  3. Never fear - Grays anatomy starts up again this thursday! 2 hour premier YESSSSSSSSS. And Mitzi has some VERY good recipes that I have stolen recently. Beef stroganoff and eclair cake. They fed it to us, and well now im a believer in crock pots once more! You shoul dpost a few of your faves so I can steal them too, we are trying to break our bad habit of eating out so much ( dang that sushi craving!!!)