Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dentists!!! Unprofessional and Wrong!!

Ok, some of you may know that I am a Dental Assistant. Not currently working as such, but I got my Certificate in Dental Assisting from Boise State University many years ago. I worked here and there for several Dentists, some good, some ok, some AWFUL! Worse job ever was in Provo Utah. The Dentist hired me, the girls never let me get my hands on ANYTHING, the Dentist didn't pay me what we agreed on, then had his front office assistant "lay me off"...It was so UNPROFESSIONAL!! Ok, best job, Dr. Ririe in Boise. He was understanding, patient, funny, and very Professional. Well..on to my point. I wanted to give a shout out to my Beautiful Sister Heather. She and her Husband meet in Pocatello Idaho and were both hungry students, married young, but pushing toward their degrees. Heather was seeking a degree in Dental Hygiene. She got accepted into the program and got pregnant around the same time. She had a baby boy, but decided to continue her education because she had come so far. This past Spring Heather completed and graduated from a Top Dental Hygiene school and excelled in her classes. She moved here to Boise, Idaho hoping to take a dive into the Dental economy here. About a month of searching she was hired by a Dentist in Nampa (I won't mention any names). The agreed on hours, wage, benefits, etc.. It seemed as though the job was going really well, then one day, the "Dentist" calles her into his office. "Heather, I'm going to have to let you go". ???? What???? Apparently he said he didn't know what he was getting into when he hired her and couldn't afford a hygienist. Guess what. He hired someone else. Ok this is sad, but not where the story ends. After months and months of job searching and interviews there were a couple promising jobs. Dentists have told her they would love to hire her but can't at this time but would love to be a reference. There was a dentist in Kuna that was going to hire her on a temp. three days, she agreed and said she'd be in the next day...they never called her back and ended up going with someone else. So a couple days ago she got a phone call from another Dentist offering her a job. Of course feeling like her luck picked up they called back tonight saying they decided to hire someone else...The NIGHT before the job was to start!!! I am so FlOORED! My sister is sweet, she is good at what she does, she's a hard worker and she doesn't ask for much. These Dentists have been Unprofessional! You don't just hire someone and let them go! Ok so I have so much more to say, but won't. If anyone out there knows of a "GOOD, KIND, Professional Dentist, that wants a good Hygienist", please let me know. I just feel so bad for her.


  1. I don't know who she has applied with but you know I worked for Willow Tree Dental. They may be a good place to start for her. They have an office in Meridian and one in Boise Columbia Village. I also worked for Dr. Don Larsen he is in Eagle. If Dr. Scholls or Dr. Chrisianson, or Dr. Walker are out on their own now (and not at WillowTree anymore), which I would assume they are they are great as well. She can tell anyone of them that she was sent there by Brenda Field and that might get here in the door. I really enjoyed working with all of them and thought they were great Dr's. That really stinks...hopefully something will work out for her. That would be really frustrating. Sorry I couldn't be more help, I just haven't been in the area for so long, but look those guys up and maybe that will help. Tell her Good luck.

  2. I don't know your sister, but I am shocked that Dentists would act like that. Hope she finds a good job.

  3. The problem is the market is so flooded that they can act that way. I know that hygienist aren't able to choose hours, pay and ect the way that they use to. I know from experience that we put an ad in the paper and had over 30 hygienist apply and that was in KUNA.(nobody wants to work in Kuna). Tell her to keep her head up and hopefully the econonmy will turn around. We have a full time and a part time and there have been a lot of days we have not had our part time come in. People are loosing their jobs and insurance! Also this are really bad months September and October are always our worse months. December is usually when all the dentists need help. I hate that Dentist have become so unprofessional but I see more and more of it. Megan

  4. Anna-
    Thanks for that post. It sounds worse when you put it all together like that. But there's light in the tunnel so we'll see what happens Monday.