Monday, October 20, 2008

Girls In Too Toos

Sunday we went over to Alex's brother Gabe's house. Christy has been hard at work making cute little girly too toos for her neices and baby girl to wear. She made several in different sizes. Mycah's little belly wasn't so "little", so Christy put a big one on her. It was so Dang Cute!
Here are the girls in the back yard dancing and twirling in the pretty too toos.

When little Bridgette woke up, her mommy dressed her up in a cute little too too and we attempted a photo op. Not many of my pictures turned out that good, but the girls were so darling.

Bridgette was all eyes on her mommy. So cute.
Here is Aunt Christy with little Bridgette. Thanks for the fun Christy. Oh ya, and don't make a comment on how hideous you THINK you may look. You always look good, even in scrubs.


  1. those too toos are darling. Your girls look so cute in them.

  2. Augh! Anna your girls are just so cute. I'm sure you know how jealous I am of you. I love your little ladies! And Mycah! So cute in the tutu!

  3. Your girls are just so cute! Looks like you guys are always having fun! Maybe someday I'll have a girl to dress up in a too too

  4. What a great idea for the girls. The Too Toos are great. I think Aunt Christy has gained the advantage for Aunt of the Year...

  5. Those too too's are so cute. BTW it's Brigitte. We were at the hospital when they were figuring out the spelling and it was this whole big thing.

  6. sad news - no tutu's sold this weekend! It was mostly grandmas buying doilies and pot holders !! Oh well, ill have a heck of a dressup closet! And dont worry about spelling Brigittes name right - nobody does. I get a good laugh out of how creative people get with it.

    And I do look gross in those pictures. especially the one with devil eyes looking at mycah - creepy! I need to post the pics we a little slow.