Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just like Mommy

So I get alot of people telling me that my girls look just like me. I must say, I have to agree. Although Dejah has more of her Daddy's features than Mycah. Lets start with the HAIR.
My hair is naturally curly and naturally straight. If I don't do something with my hair...it is a big mess of both. I don't have any pictures of me as a kid...I wish I did, then you could see the comparison of me and my girls. For now I will post this one. See the curl? Well, I obviously don't do my hair this way any more. But you have the idea.
Yesterday, I decided to give Dejah's hair a try for the curls. Like me, her hair is naturally curly and naturally straight. When I don't do it.....(which is very OFTEN)....it becomes a big mess of both. Here she is, sporting her "new do". She really liked it, but I think I won't be doing it that often...too much maintenance.
Next feature...Eyes! Dejah definitely got her Daddy's sparkling blues! I prayed for this before she was born, and the Lord answered YES. She also got her Daddy's pale skin. She is as white as they come. With some pink in the skin as well.
Now onto Mycah. She is "ALL ME"....mood included (ok, maybe not so much). The Brown hair, brown eyes, (more olive tone skin), Big Teeth (although she could have gotten that one from Daddy. Anyway, my girls are doomed for braces and unibrows. So here you have it.
Here is a picture of Alex as a kid. Wasn't he so cute? I wish my girls had his blond hair. I always wanted to be a blond. Anyway.... tell me which traits you think my girls got from who.
Oh ya, really funny story about this picture. Dejah saw it and said..."Mommy! Who is that boy?! I'm going to MARRY HIM!" "He's just my size!". I started to laugh and told her that little boy is her Daddy when he was a boy. She told me that he can come home and be a little boy again so she can marry him. I think she's made up her mind because she hasn't let it go yet. I must say, if I were little like her I'd want to marry him too. He's pretty darn hansom. Do all little girls want to marry their Daddies? Well maybe not so much, but they are our favorite men.


  1. Well, I've already told you what i think lots of times.....Dejah's hair looks SO cute curly!! And I wonldn't give up on her being blonde yet. The next few summers outside will probably bleach the brown right out. Parker was TOTALLY blonde till he was like twelve. And I think Dejah got Alex's nose....I think. Dejah and Mycah definately have different noses, but I don't know who they belong to. And yeah.....Mycah's a little clone, and she's gonna be so much like you it'll drive you crazy...especially when she gets older I'll bet. Your girls are so cute. I love them both.

  2. I think both of your girls look a lot like you, but I can see some features from their dad as well. They definitely are cute. Dejah's hair looks really cute curly like that.

  3. I love it! Bailey wants to marry her daddy too! I try to explain to her that she can't because I did, then she wants to marry me. Then I explain she has to marry a boy, then she decides she is just going to marry her little brother.

  4. Wow, you are way hottie with curls! I had no idea you could pull off curls - so awesome! true confession: Ive been thinking about perming my hair. Call me jessie spanno but Im feeling a little 80s lately! Id only do a GIANT wave roller, but what do you think? I guess it could be a complete disaster.

    Also, I think your girls inehrited your PERFECT eyebrows. I am super jealous.

  5. That story about Dejah was funny. I think her hair looks cute curly. I think Dejah looks more like Alex and I don't know where Mycah came from? I think she has your pretty brown eyes but ya I don't really see that much more from either of you. There are both cuties.