Monday, October 13, 2008

Saturday Is A Special Day

I have officially decided that Alex likes going swimming. Ok, so I've known this for a long time. Anyway, he usually suggests some kind of swimming fun at least every month. Again, he wanted to take the girls swimming on Saturday. So we went to my moms house that morning so Alex could change the oil on her car and our car. While we were there, my sisters thought it would be fun to join us. So off we went!

The YMCA! We love it there. There is this kiddy pool with fountains and slides. Its pretty fun. The downside to the kiddy pool is that it isn't the warmest pool. I mean, its warm, but not for hours of fun. Ok there is also a big slide that both the girls love to go on with Alex. I won't take them beacause I don't trust that I'll be able to hold them up at the end.

Here is the WARM pool. This provides hours of fun. And theres a big shallow step the kids can play on.

Here is Mycah with her Aunt Melissa!

It was a great time! We loved it, especially the kids. I hope we can do it again soon.


  1. which ymca did you visit? That does look like lots of fun - we'll have to take brigitte when she gets a little older!

  2. Hey, sorry about the videos. I tried to attach them, but it said it couldnt contact blogger or something like that. Augh. Sorry.

  3. Hey, my comments are finally working!! I took my kids swimming as much as possible(twice a year since we had to travel forever to get to a swimming pool) because I think EVERYONE should learn how to swim and when you take them often they soon become little fish. I'm glad you take them swimming!!