Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Baby's First Picture

Yesterday I had my first appointment with my new Dr. (Dr. Scott Christensen). The appointment was scheduled for 2:50 so that my wonderful hubby could come. Thanks a million to Aunt Christy for watching the girls for me. They were ABSOLUTE TYRANTS at my last appointment with the nurse. I was chasing them all over the dumb building. They thought for some reason it was so funny to run away from me. I had my back turned for one minute while the nurse tried to explain something to me, I turned around and they were GONE! Before I knew it, they were out the hall into the waiting room...out the main door...into the hall...then out to the parking garage before I could catch up with them! Lets just say...that will not be happening again!! So truly, THANK YOU Christy. I arrived to my Dr.'s office right on time, they led me back into the room and the wait began. Apparently the Dr. had to slip out for a delivery, so I got to wait for an hour. Again, I was grateful not to have my girls with me. When he got there it was a very nice visit. He was very thorough and explanatory. He had a great bedside manor, so I think this will be a good choice. It was fun to watch the baby in there. In this picture you can see its big round head and little body with little nubby arms and legs. I even saw it moving around in there so it was pretty cool. So far the baby looks good and is measuring right on, setting my due date at June 8th (hopefully code for May 24 or 25th). In January we will get to find out what the sex is of this little fetus. Yes, we will be finding out....I just love an early surprise! Girl or Boy it will be fine (but a boy might fulfill my husbands unending desire to "rough house")...my girls are way too girly to enjoy it. So that's it for today. Have fun voting and watching yourself LOSE....I know I will.


  1. "June 8th (hopefully code for May 24 or 25th)." LOVE IT! lol

  2. may 25 would be fabulous! youll have to name it christy in my honor. ok, just kidding, but that would be awesome to have a little bday twin! And seriously - you can leave your girls here ANYTIME. Ill expect them for the 17th!

  3. Yay! You're growing a peanut! How exciting! I like the "code for May 24th or 25th" that made me laugh. Ah the power of wishful thinking....we'll see if it works. I know it won't for the election.