Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dejah

So my little Mycah has decided that she is in an extra special bad mood today. Extremely grumpy and tired. She usually doesn't get her nap until 1:00...not today....lets try 10!! This whole time change has thrown off my kids a bit. Going to bed later, waking up earlier, not too fun. Anyway, this early nap has given Dejah and I some time to hang out. She really wanted to draw, and she wanted to try spelling her name. So for the first time EVER I got Dejah to try out writing her name. She doesn't have a ton of patience with it, but she did such a good job! I am so proud of her! She hasn't had any pre-schooling, and I never work with her, so I have just been hoping that when she goes to kindergarten next fall that she will catch on quick and do a good job. This little trial has given me some hope. I know alot of you moms out there have been doing pre-school, and your kids can probably already write their names, identify their letters and numbers, ect. but I was so excited to just see her try. I'm a proud mama.


  1. She did great!!
    I always order the Santa Fe Chicken salad at applebee's...it is delicious!

  2. Her hand writing looks about as good as mine!

  3. Hey, so we still on for Friday?? I just wanted to give a heads up, that if you guys decide you want to do it here rather than there, we have a dog and cat indoors...just wanted to let you know in case anyone's allergic or anything! We're totally cool with whatever you guys want! Just let me know!

  4. I love the video! Keep up the good work Dejah!

  5. I'm not sure if I ever stopped by and said hello, so if I did forgive me, I think I've lost my mind since we've had our baby.

    Anyway...You and Alex have the cutest little family! Congrats on the newest coming addition!

    Tell Alex I said hello...

  6. Hey, so I realized your blog IS 3 column, but the right column is all at the bottom of the page...Which is weird. But it's there!
    We had fun tonight, thanks again for having us over! And seriously, you guys are welcome anytime! Kadence had a blast I know! Thans!