Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Washing Cars in January???

Well, we had quite the day yesterday. First thing was grocery shopping. Alex always likes to go with us, and we needed some stuff for his lunches since he's going back to work tomorrow. Anyway, we got home, had lunch, put Mycah down for a nap then decided to take advantage of the FABULOUS warmer weather (despite the cloudiness), and CLEAN OUR CARS! With all the snow and slush we've had....oh ya, and lets not forget the sandy roads, our vehicles have been filthy. We vacuumed and polished the insides. Then hooked up our hose (which we thought would be put away for the winter), filled some buckets with soapy water and scrubbed and scrubbed.
We also swept out the garage since that was full of sand and dirt. Dejah even got the neighbor kid Austin over to help some. Dejah decided to start a water fight with Alex, and Alex got her right back. She thought it was pretty funny.
It took us a while to finish, but the results are so nice! I love cleanliness!...and fun family time!


  1. Last week it was 63 and now today it was 12 felt like -3. Weren't you all just sledding a few days ago? What is up with the weather this year?
    Looks like fun. Our car could use a good cleaning too.

  2. Man I didn't notice it was warm enough for a water fight. The thought of that makes me want to cuddle up in a blanket.

  3. I wish it would warm up here so that I could wash my car. I hate that is is so dirty, but the weathre isn't cooperating enough for me to clean it, hopefully some day I will get the caked on mudd, and dirt off of it!!

  4. Hey,

    You ll have to email evaly and ask her prices. It depends too many things -on if you supply your own fabric or use hers, what accessories you want and what style (one layer, quilted, etc.) My mom bought it for Brigitte and we supplied our own fabric. Plus we ordered a toddler cover for Jayna and some extra things for both of us. I have no idea what the individual charge for the cover would be. But they are soooo cute - I highly recommend her.

    good luck!

  5. Brrrr...I personally like those drive through things. Not as good as a hand wash but hey! It's January!