Friday, February 13, 2009

Attention All Decorators!!! Help!

Ok, so I 've pretty much finished painting today. All the White has been "refinished" and I think its at a point where I can stop painting. Here is the best shot I could get. Since the room is SOOO Bright, most my pictures just showed a washed out color.Now for the Decorating part! I've decided to put up some Decals/Vinyl on one of the main walls, and possibly some flowers scattered about (shown in the picture below). Now, this is NOT MY WALL, nor the flowers I have chosen, but, it gives you an idea of what I'm thinking.
I have a friend who does Vinyl as a side business, so I had a look at some of her stuff. Here is her Info if any of you want it. I will be showing some of her stuff below and maybe you all can help me decide what to put up on my Girls' wall.

Here are the colors I was thinking.....FYI, they didn't show up on the picture the way I want, so the colors are Pink, Green, and light Yellow with Maybe some White lettering.

There are Tons more! But out of these, which would you choose?? Monday is OUR DAY to put the room all together. Please help! I am no decorator and need some good advice.


  1. I really like the Princess one with the crown as a posting on the wall or a headboard. You should put a longer saying above the window that would be really cute. And I like the daisy she has in her letters. Just remeber that kids will peal it off so make your choices wisely. Good luck it looks very cute I can't wait to see the finished poduct!

  2. The paint job looks great! I love it when people put vinyl on their walls to decorate -- seriously. I think my favorite was one I saw with all these princess sayings running around the top of the wall...

  3. Anna I really love how the room turned out. I had a purple room when I was growing up. I love vinyl letterign as a decoration and I love the "best friends are we..." do you think you could spread it out over the window because it would be perfect. I also like the ideas of doing flowers on the walls. I love it!!!

  4. Anna-
    I really love the Best Friends one, that is so cute!! No matter what you choose, the room will look great.

  5. I like the Sisters saying (running along the top of the room somewhere.) and the flowers. Those are really cute. You should make/get curtains that are floor to ceiling that are hung on the outside of the window seat area. Probably in White or a soft color so it's not so intense. Like a soft yellow. You are doing great.

  6. I ALSO like the sister best friends one. Or the "It's not easy being a princess". Those two are my favorites. DEFINATELY the sisters one though. And I like the flowers too. I agree, it should go above the window, or on the wall that's shared with the living room....up high. And I know you hate spending money....but you should really get some purple and white bed-spreads to match that adorable bed that's going in there. :) maybe mom could make them (cuz she has so much free time on her hands). Just ideas. I love it.

  7. Anna... I like the daisy look in the word Believe but I think anything that says "Sisters" or "Princess" totaly fits your girls! A Piece of advice don't put the Vinal Decor up until furnature is in! We have some in the boys room and it really helps to know where to put them once everything is in it's place. Chase and Ty have never tried to pull it off... They love their names and car and motorcycle! Love Mel.