Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Biggest Day Ever!!

I want ALL of YOU to post your favorite wedding and engagement photos! Spread the Love! And answer the following questions and pair them with a photo if possible!
1. Wedding Date
2. Where did you get married
3. How long did you date / were engaged
4. Were you a Bridezilla
5. Wedding colors
6. How many bridesmaids
7. Where did you honeymoon
8. Where was your reception
9. Is there anything you regret or would like to redo
10. Did you save your cake top and eat it on your first anniversary
11. How long have you been married NOW

Married on March 22, 2003
Married in the Boise Temple

Dated: 6 Months
Engaged: 2 of that 6

A Bridezilla??? I had to look up the term, and the definition I got was: "A generic term for a difficult Bride". So I'm pretty sure that would be a NO WAY. I wore white flip flops with bling! Borrowed the wedding dress. Had an informal "open house" and No cake all the evening before the wedding so we'd have the day to ourselves. Bridzilla??? I think not.
Wedding Colors: What you see is our "colors", mixed with some RAIN! (which you don't see)
Bridesmaids: None, but I did have two of my Favorite Friends come join me for my day.

Honeymoon: Oregon Coast

Reception? No reception. We had an open house at the Two Rivers Club House in Eagle. Alex and I wore our dress up stuff, but there were no lines, tuxes, cakes, ect.....

Regrets??? Or Changes I'd like to make?
The only thing I'd change is getting to experience it again!
(No Picture)
The Cake top??...NO cake.
We served Fruit Cups and tons and tons of Cookies. I think I got to taste a couple, they were YUMMY!

We have been married now for nearly 6 Years!!! Wow!


  1. Great pictures! I like how simple you made it, especially having an open house the night before. Such a good idea to have the party first and then make the next day just for family and close friends. You and Alex both looked beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds non-stressful!! Love all the pictures. I wore the same flip flops the day I got married. It was July and 115 degrees in St. George so I wasn't going to wear anything but flip flops, and when I saw them with the jewel things I could resist!!

  3. Holy Cow Alex is so skinny in some of those pictures. I'm not sure Leigh was ever that skinny.

  4. Freaking cute post! Alex looks so young! And YOU were one HOTTIE bride!I lovelovelove your long curly hair! And you are def. on eof the most photogenic people I have ever met!

  5. What a cute post! I remember when you two started dating and when you got engaged. Alex was so happy! Congrats on almost 6 years!

  6. I love seeing people's wedding pictures. Super cute!