Monday, February 9, 2009

We're Painting!

Saturday morning I went to my Mom's with the girls to see my sister who was in town for the weekend. Alex had no desire to sit around and "rot" all morning so he took off to hang out with his brother Gabe. Since Gabe is also one not to sit and "rot", he put Alex to work helping prep his little girl's room for wall paper. Well, when Alex came to pick us up he says to the girls..."Do you want to paint your room???". Dejah starts jumping up and down.."Yay! Yay! Lets paint my room!" So off we went to Lowe's. First off, Alex and I NEVER do anything like this. We've never attempted "decorating". We live in a Beige world here and have gotten used to it. This is our first try. Well, the color that was picked out.....Violet. Two shades, one lighter for most of the room, and a darker shade for one of the walls. We gutted the room out on Sunday and started the taping. This morning I finished the taping and laid down sheets to cover our carpet. The girls and I have started priming this morning and we're not done yet. Of course most of the "bulk" work is being done by me, and it is a slow process. I also have to go over the girls' messy spots and do them over. Alex will do the closet when he gets home. I already can't wait for the "finished" result. My Dad is almost finished building the TODDLER BUNK BED...Yay! Then we will either paint it or stain it. I'm not quite decided on that one. I think we want to paint it white, but we'll see.


  1. So fun! Make sure you post pics when its all done!

  2. I agree, we want pictures.
    Are they getting excited too?
    They look happy.