Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Come to Girl's Night

Ok, so I've decided. If you can't make it. That's ok, there will be more to come. As for this Thursday evening, I haven't received many responses and One "For Sure". So for tomorrow night I will be meeting whoever wants to at the Overland Reel for the 9:35pm showing of Bride Wars. Admission is $4 and you CAN pay with card there. I know its late and there won't be much socializing, but it should be nice to get out anyway. If anyone has any questions please just call me. I'm not posting my phone number, but if you make a comment I will contact you :)


  1. I think that sounds fun - so you can sign me up. Give me a call and let me know for sure what the plans are. Thanks!

  2. wish i lived there and could go out for a good girls night. we will have to get together sometime when i come back to would be fun.