Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ladie's Night?? This Wed or Thurs evening?

Its that time again! I know you Moms need a time out with your ladies! So here's the thing. I'm not very good at "organizing" this stuff, but I'm doing my best. Last time it was a late night movie. So I'm thinking either the same for this week, or we could all meet at Applebees in Meridian. I really need some imput so please feel free. For me, normally Thursday nights are good for me, but this Thursday Alex made plans and may not be home until 9:00. "Benjamin Button" starts at 9:10 at the Overland Reel. I could do Wed night any time, any event. Or we could all meet at Applebees either day, any time. Please give me your imput and let me know when would be BEST for you and if you'd like to come. Also feel free to invite your friends. The more the marrier!


  1. sounds good. Count me in for anything any night!

  2. I don't think it's going to happen for me this week either. I am pretty busy right now. I heard Benjamin Button was super boring but I don't know maybe you'll like it.