Tuesday, March 31, 2009



1. Alex's Spring Break is OVER...its back to stay home, clean house (OR NOT), find things to do while feeling extremely Prego and immobile.

2. Its not getting warmer outside! Anyone else feeling extremely ready for Spring? I think I should live in a warmer climate :)

3. Apparently I'm told by the guy at the store who sells STAIN for my playset....I should not even go near the stuff. Even with a mask! Crazy. I was going to do it myself. Now I HAVE to enlist some help from non-prego people....ie...Alex!

4. I've decided that I am not a fan of Dogs. Why? You ask? My neighbor behind me has TWO. They dig big holes under the fence, and come into my yard. And they BREAK my fence with their teeth....(yes they have chewed and busted the fence in many places) to do it! The neighbor across from me also has Two dogs. Their little dog also digs under the fence and gets out and barks in a territorial way at anyone walking down the sidewalk. He also comes into my yard terrorizing the dogs that live behind me and on both sides of me. Basically I have a neighborhood full of dogs that run wild. Come on Owners...I can't call animal control on everyone!

5. I have been spending my last couple days converting all my home videos to DVD. This is a long awaited event, but I'm getting closer. Its fun to look back. My kids have grown SO fast!

6. I have another Dr. apt. tomorrow. This is the one where I get to drink that gross fizzy stuff and wait for a 1/2 hour. I'm pretty sure they'll tell me I'm anemic. I feel it.

7. Alex thinks he's taking the girls camping this weekend. Sounds good? Well maybe so if the weather wasn't supposed to be rainy and cold! At least he's borrowing my Grandpa's camper. We'll see if he reschedules. If not, anyone up for girls night here on Friday night????

8. My house is messier today than I ever remember it! Thanks to my lively girls....I get to do alot of bending over today.

9. Mycah tells me when she's poopy. :) She will bring me a diaper and wipes and say "Uh..boop-ee"

10. I slept really good last night....and for you moms that have been Prego before...you know how nice that is.


  1. Oh how i miss a good nights sleep! They eventually sleep through the night...right?!

  2. I do not like dogs either. Luckily our neighbor's dogs are pretty well mannered and indoor for the most part.

    I can't believe they are going camping this weekend. BRRR. Depending on when they leave we might go swimming Friday night at the place. We will not be camping though.

    You need to put your girls to work. They are old enough to clean up after themselves. Don't pick up after them. How's that for annoying advice?