Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beal Family in Town

Yesterday was Alex's official last day of work for the summer! I'm so excited! Anyway, it was a nice day out and I couldn't bring myself to just sit at home all day. My Sister's kid attends a preschool that was going to the Zoo. She invited me along and we got in for $4! We've been to the Zoo quite a few times so went to see the Best things first. I wasn't sure I could muster up more than a 1/2 hour of walking. Here is Mycah looking into the Penguin tank. Here is Dejah, Chase and Mycah in a little wood hut before we took them to see the giraffes and Lions.
After my 1/2 hour at the Zoo, I took off over to Alex's work. His brother Keaton (who is still in High School) was running in State Track. (Guy on the top center of picture) He beat his personal best! Congrats Keat!

Here are the girls sitting with their Grandma Beal or Granny as we call her. Its really nice when Alex's parents come to town. We don't get to see them very much and the girls just love it!

That evening, Alex's brother Gabe had a big BBQ at his house with all the Beals in town. The total head count was 13 Adults and 10 kids. It was a good time! I LOVE....LOVE....LOVE BBQ's. We even had a little Bonn fire when it cooled down outside. Sorry no pics.

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  1. BBQs ARE awesome...and bonfires with smores! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling so swell...Boo! Couple more weeks:)