Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Early Scare and More

Sunday-Mother's Day

It started like most Sunday mornings. Not alot going on. I really wanted a shower, so after sitting at the computer for a little I got up and headed to that place I usually Always look forward too.- My nice HOT shower. Lets just say, it didn't turn out that great. My varicose veins "down below" and in my leg were KILLING me!! I could hardly stand. I was grasping my leg and thigh in complete agony, just trying to make it through shampoo and conditioner. I finally got out of there and wrapped up in a robe while tears of pain rolled down my face. I hobbled out to the living room where I could lay down and prop up my leg. I laid there for a little and realized I was having contractions about every 10 minutes or so. Not quite sure what to do, I called my neighbor who is a nurse and she told me to drink two glasses of water and lay down on my left side for a while. When the pain eased up I got up to dry my hair. (Not a good thing to let it air dry). Anyway, I had a hard time doing that as well. There was just so much pressure in my back, pelvis and leg. I made my way back to the couch....again. I continued to time the contractions...they were pretty irregular and inconsistent in intensity. After a little I was finally able to get up and get dressed. I decided there was NO WAY I would make it to church. So I just took some time to lay down that day. Alex took the girls to church and I relaxed. Things got better. So, no early baby. Not that I don't want him yet, but his due date isn't until June 8th, so even another week would be better for him. That evening we went to my Mom's and enjoyed some time watching all the kids play. That was my Sunday.

Monday- Obsession Continued!

So the "Discount Queens and Hooked on Savings Blogs" posted that the Temple here in Boise diggs up their bulbs every spring and lets anyone who wants them come dig some up and keep them!! Flowers you say?????? and FREE????? Oh my, this is NOT something I can resist no matter how Prego I am!!! I wanted them! The temple grounds were opening at 6am. There was no amount of convincing to get my husband to do it for me. I was just going to give up on those precious free bulbs, but found myself waking up all night about it. All I could dream about was digging up flowers. I would wake up and look at the clock just to find out it was still the middle of the night.
5:30am hits, and wouldn't you know it....Mycha was up! I was a little thrilled because I probably wouldn't have woke up on my own. So I put her back to bed, threw on some necessary clothing, grabbed my hand shovel and a couple buckets and headed to the temple. It was still dark, but there were people there just digging away. A man directed me to an area covered in tulips and pansies. I only had a 1/2 hour to get done because Alex works. So I got very muddy digging up flowers. Here is what I was able to grab in that short amount of time.
I kept some of the tulips in tact with their bulbs for planting now. The rest of them, I just popped off the top and threw the bulbs in a bucket. I will leave them there until the fall, then find a good place to plant them. Next spring I should have GADS of tulips...somewhere :)
Here are the ones I kept in tact.
Here are the Pansies. They will only live this summer, but still they are in great shape and make a great addition to my yard.

Here is the box I put together for them for this season. After they die off (which should be soon) I will probably dig them back up for replanting in the fall. We'll see.
Here is a distant shot. It doesn't look like much, but it was a big day yesterday!!! A BIG day of work!
Monday- My Dr. Appointment
It was my first check up "down below". I got the Strep B test and then the Dr. had a look. So far, baby is high up. No dilation. Cervix is softened to about 50%. Nothing huge. Not alot of progress at this point. My next appointment is in two weeks. We'll see how it goes.


  1. I love FREE stuff!! The flowers are beautiful. Glad to hear you are doing okay. Hang in there it will be over before you know it.

  2. I hear that false labor is really common in the third pregnancy, it happened to me, my mom, mother-in-law. Those flowers are beautiful, your yard looks great!

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  4. Wow! Free and Beautiful! Sorry you were in so much pain on Mother's day...I hope all in all it was still a good day!

  5. You are crazy to get up so early! But I guess the early berd does get the worm because when I got there at 10 I only got daffodils then I went hunting like a mad women for tulips that were "left behind" I did find a few! :) As far as the baby....sounds so familiar!Jonas (#3) tried to come at 32 weeks, once I was off bedrest I went 3 times with false labor! Good luck with it!

  6. You are a crazy pregnant woman getting up that early for some flowers! Haha, kidding! I love your "obsession" and wished I had more of a green thumb. Your flowers are beautiful! And ya can't beat "free!" Sorry to hear about your crazy mothers day. We always want the little ones to come early just not THAT early. Can't wait to see pics of the little Alex in less than a month! Hang in there..