Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've decided that Moms don't get enough sleep. You get pregnant...In the beginning, you can't sleep because you feel nauseous all night. Then you are hungry all night. Then the baby gets big and you are uncomfortable. Then the baby gets really big and not only are you extremely uncomfortable, you are kept up by a very wiggly infant who rolls around during the night, smashing your bladder and stretching his little body, making you wince in agony and having to pee all night. You finally have the little wiggle worm, and they need your "attention" or should I say Swollen Milk Jugs. And when they start sleeping longer, you are waking up because those "swollen milk jugs" are even more swollen. Eventually this all begins to subside. That little wiggle worm starts to sleep longer and you are just starting to get sleep since it started a year and a half ago...then..."hunny, we're Pregnant!!" Only this time around, you've got a toddler who decides to "not sleep", and decides that naps are no longer necessary, leaving you...well, sleep deprived. The story continues on. More babies, then teenagers. How in the HECK to we do this? Ahhhh, the power of a Mother. So, "sleep?", forget it. Who needs it anyway? I think I'll try to go get some now.


  1. AMEN!! And just when your infant starts sleeping through the night and you start to expect it...BOOM! Growth spurt! And now they're up every three hours screaming b/c they are obviously STARVING!! And even when kids ARE all magically asleep, you do what I'm doing now, and stay up late trying to get some alone time with your sanity in tact, and catching up on silly things like making late mothers day cards, and catching up on blog reading and the like. Sleep really is soo overrated. If only the lack of didn't make us so cranky!!! Enjoy your 'sleep' while you can!

  2. That's how I've been feeling lately! I can't see a full nights sleep anywhere in my near future! Oh what we do for our sweet babes!

  3. I agree 100% with everything you just said. We suffer from the no sleeping part too. Only my kids still take naps because I make them. I used to have free time, but now that we have a new baby in the house, I have kissed that goodbye. Hope your pregnancy will go better. I know that doesn't happen so I will just wish you good luck. If you need anything let me know. Three kids makes for a tough crowd. They were all right, three is really tough.