Sunday, June 28, 2009

We Love Summer!

If you know Alex and I, you should know that we love the outdoors! Especially when it comes to camping and boating. I will admit though, since I've had kids, I don't love "braving the elements" in a tent. I prefer the comforts of a camper (which we do not have). I rest much easier knowing my kids aren't freezing their rears off or cooking in the daytime heat. Anyway, boating is one of those things we love most. Of course with the "kids thing", it isn't something we can just up and do whenever we want. There has to be more adults to help make sure kids don't drown. Anyhow, yesterday we took our first trip to the lake for the summer. We usually go to Black Canyon because its just a half hour from my parents house.
We all had a great time! I wish I would've taken pictures of Alex and my Brother David wake boarding, but I left the camera on shore.
I managed to get some pictures before we loaded up to come home.
The park there is Awesome!! Tons of shade! A little sandy beach for the kids. Horseshoe pits. A volley ball pit. Bathrooms. Picnic tables and docks right there where you hook up the boat. I could literally spend the whole day there just lounging, boating, and eating. I wasn't able to get in the water yet. I still have about a week and a half before I can do anything like that, but it was a good time anyway.
So folks, if you want to come wake boarding and skiing with us, we'd love to have some friends along. Like I said, we can't go just ourselves. We have until school starts (when Alex goes back to work).
So Logan is now a Month Old! I can't believe how the time flies. He eats like a pig. He's just starting to make cute baby talk. Mostly he just eats, sleeps, and poos. We love him to pieces. I think he's a little duplicate of Alex. He has been a fairly easy baby so far. He doesn't love to be held. He prefers just being put down on his back. When he's tired he loves his tummy or being swaddled. He is starting to sleep a five hour stretch at night but doesn't go down until 11 or 12 midnight, so we haven't been going to bed early at all. Here is a little video I took the other day.


  1. Looks like fun. Do you ski and wake board? I always love the banners to your blog - they're so creative and cute.

  2. SOunds like TONS of fun!! If we lived closer we would love to do that with you guys. Glad you guys are enjoying your summer.

  3. Is it just me, or is he getting some baby fat on him?! I can't believe how big he's gotten already!

  4. I'm so glad you guys had fun, and SOO jealous of your summer wonderfulness every year!! I hope you realize how lucky you are to have a husband home ALL summer!! We would LOVE to go boating with you guys--but I don't think bringing 2 adults and 3 more kids will do ANYTHING to help the kid to adult ratio!!! =) So just be sure and enjoy it for us when you can!!

  5. Logan is getting so big! He is really so dang cute. I'm jealous you go boating. I'm not sure if there are any lakes near this desert!