Wednesday, July 29, 2009

O.M.G.! What A PAIN!!!

Some of you may have noticed that I kind of dropped off of the "Blog Scene"....Thank you VIRUS!!! I actually have soooooooo much to blog about so be prepared for some serious catch up. We came home from our Redfish trip last week. Alex checked his email, opened one he thought was from his brother and ended up opening a serious virus!!! Like....12 bad ones including Trojans, hackers, and all kinds of crap....whatever that is. It attacked our computer to the core. It threw porn onto our desktop and links to porn sites. I had to tell Alex to step away from the was awful!! After realizing my antivirus software wasn't going to rid my computer of its illness, I made some calls. Best Buy and Office Depot charges $200 to remove viruses!! OUCH! So I tried a small business guy in Boise who charges $75! Ouch BUT Hooray. Wouldn't you know it...he couldn't get the virus off!!!!!! He had to back up my files and reconfigure my whole computer!!! I finally have it back and wouldn't you know it, its still not how I want it. First off....more that 1/2 my picture files are GONE and my display is HUGE and the pictures aren't clear! Now I get to take it back to the guy and have him help find out where all those pictures went. Oh the pain! I finally read all of your blogs! It took me forever to catch up! So here is my comment to all of you.....I am thinking of you all...good times and bad. I'll be back for tons of posting about....Trips, Friends, and Dejah going to school...holy crow!!


  1. No fun. We had a trojan attack a year ago and it was no fun at all. You're welcome to call my brother and see what he charges to come over and work on it.

  2. That is terrible! I wondered what happened to the frequent blogger. FYI though David has a side business doing computer repair so if you have any questions or continue to need help, he'll be there for ya!

  3. Oh man that is bad. Good luck.