Monday, August 31, 2009

Full Throttle

Hey everyone, (this is Alex)

Just thought I would send an email telling you of our lives these days. We have gone from being very laid back and cool to full throtte this last week. Anna is busy with all 3 kids. She does a great job of enertaining them and taking care of them. I have been very busy. I started teaching again. I am taking 2 online courses for my degree again this semester and then 2 more for the spring semester. I should be done this spring! I can't wait! This year will be a true test of our patience as a married couple and as a family. I am still a ward mission leader and have meetings and 2 nights a week that I go out with the missionaries. All the other nights during the week are committed to homework and teaching preparations. It could be interesting. We have had an eventful summer. We enjoyed the time off, but especially the camping and swimming activities. This labor day weekend, my brother-in-law, anna's brother, and myself are going to hike to Alpine lake. Anna is going to have a slumber party with her sister. The weather might get a bit interesting, but we are committed. Anyway, we will do our best to stay afloat this semester. I look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas already. I hope everyone is just as happy and busy as we are! We finally did get some pictures, so look out mom. Later


  1. Hope you guys do "full throttle" with more grace than we do!

  2. wow.. you guys are super busy! Good luck!

  3. Your are all so busy! I hope you find some "down time" in all your craziness! I sure wish you were the ward mission leader in our ward, JD needs a boost!