Friday, August 7, 2009


August 5th! My birthday! Also the day we went to my FAVORITE place to camp and wake board! Hells Canyon! My parents literally spend DAYS preparing. My brother and his wife bought plane tickets to fly from Pennsylvania for the bless-ed event. The food was bought and prepared. The kids were geared up for fun....meaning the "adults". August = HOT weather! Right??? Perfect for the lake! Not just any lake.....Glass for miles!!!! The camp grounds are beautiful and provide nice shade, electricity, bathrooms with flushing toilets, and a SHOWER! There is a fun beach for the little kids to play at. I mean, we really look forward to this trip every year. And wouldn't you know it????.................................

What you hear is why I am blogging now! I am so bummed! We took off Wednesday after Dejah got out of school. We arrived three hours later. It was hot, it was beautiful, the lake was awesome. Then Thursday brought with it some nasty weather. We stuck out the next night and slept well considering the leaking tent and puddles of water on our floor. This morning we decided the storm wasn't just passing through. Ughhh!


  1. We did the same thing...we took a spontaneous camping trip up to Cascade on Wednesday hoping to stay Fri morning...what do you know, but as soon as we get settled in and start a fire, we get pounded with rain and hail...needless to say it never let up and we packed up at 9 the next morning and came home soping wet and muddy! Laundry laundry laundry...glad to know we weren't the only bummed campers this week!!! I feel your pain!

  2. Such a bummer! Especially after all of that preparation :(