Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh the 80's

Holy Cow! I totally forgot! There was this show called "The Ewoks"! I LOVED...that movie! (There are two of them). Ok, so try to find it now...good luck. You can't find it on You Tube, and it costs $40 minimum to buy used! So if anyone has it. I want to borrow it :)

Were you a Movie/Tv junkie as a child??? I must have been, although I have many many memories of other things as well, so I will just say I had a balanced childhood. ;)

I've been thinking alot about the favorite movies and TV shows I had as a kid. Wow! I was a strange one. These are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

1st: Labyrinth

....about a girl who has to go through this crazy maze to rescue her baby brother from the Knome King....something like that. Loved it!

2nd: Ok this one's a bit creepier. Legend. Tom Cruiz the hero, and the girl from the movie "Ferris Bueler's Day off" as the "damsel in distress". Also, loved it.

3rd: Probably the Most creepy of them all, The Dark Crystal. I don't know how old I was when I first saw this, but I was completely Mesmerized! To this day the cover just creeps me out. Its a Jim Hensen, and unforgettable to me.

4th: Swan Lake

I don't know what it was about the Anime' movies, I guess the girls were always pretty and the stories always had a strange twist. You know the story, and I liked it.

5th: Here is another Anime. This one probably sticks out in my mind the MOST!

The Last Unicorn! Also, very unforgettable.

6th: I had a hard time finding a picture for this one. This is also an Anime called Marina, The Little Mermaid.

Much like the Disney story about a mermaid princess wanting to be with her human prince and gives up her voice to do so. But this one had a tragic ending. The prince could not be with her, so in order to return to her family in the sea, she had to kill the prince. She decided she loved him too much, so she sacrificed her life and turned to sea foam.

Wasn't I strange???
Ok, on to TV Shows! Are you ready??

#1: She Ra!!

I loved this show so much I even had a figurine! :) Its a break from the He Man series. She is He Man's twin sister, kidnapped from birth.

#2: Charmkins

Have you ever heard of it?? Well, my sister and I loved this one. I don't think it was around very long, but my sister has all the figurines to this one.

#3: Car Bears

I'm sure most people remember this one. They've even brought the care bears back today.

#4: My Little Pony

They also brought this one back and modernized it.

#5 Rainbow Brite

#6 Strawberry Shortcake

#7 The littles

Can you remember your favorites??? And can you believe that you can watch all of these on You Tube? Amazing huh. Anyway, make a comment and tell me your favorites, this should be fun.


  1. Loved the Labyrinth! Also Rainbow Brite, She-Ra, The Littles. Did you ever watch that show about the Robot girl? Small Wonder I think it was. Quality stuff. Oh yeah, and My Two Dads.

  2. I haven't heard of a bunch of those cartoons and movies. You are random. I seriously can't think right now 80's, 80's. Yep I'm drawing a blank. I liked gummy bears and smurfs when I was little. I do remember Dark Crystal being scary. I kind of want to watch it again.

  3. I loved almost all of those movies as well! The only two I haven't seen are the Charmkins and Legend. Soooo Funny. Yet creepy I agree - I found that old Little Mermaid movie in the DI a long time ago and had to purchase it. I make Little C watch my old favorites on Netflix and he just looks at me like ... really mom?!

  4. You nailed a ton of mine right on the head! Especially "The Dark Crystal" (of course we own the DVD) and "The Last Unicorn" (we owned it until I went back to watch it and there was a swear word). Other favorites were "Fluppy Dogs" (a TV movie), Fraggle Rock, "The Secret of Nimh", Gobots, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I totally had a crush on Leonardo).

  5. I can't believe you have seen the Dark Crystal and The Last Unicorn. Yes, we watched all of those as kids too. Yes, they were creepy but I loved them. We still watch the Last Unicorn. I don't let my kids see most of the movie for fear that the nightmares will come but those were the days ha! That was fun to read.

  6. Ok, so there is two more I almost forgot...

    The Flight of the Navigator and
    Girls Just want to Have Fun


  7. Flight of the Navigator is heading into my generation. I didn't watch any of those movies as a kid but I watched them when I was older and they are mostly TERRIBLE movies (Ferris Bueller's by far the most terrible). I'm not saying that you shouldn't like them, but they are bad. One of my favorites when I was young was Superman 3, but it is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. I guess the 80's were just defined that to remember, but terrible if you don't "get it" :)

  8. Yeah what was with all those creepy movies for kids? The Dark Crystal is like, #1 of creepy kid movies if you ask me, Labyrinth is close 2nd! and I love love, LOVED Rainbow Brite! I think I was her for HAlloween for like 3 years! How funny!

  9. I was OBSESSED with She-ra! I cried when I went to Kindergarten because I missed all the episodes so my mom recorded them all for me and I watched them when I got home from school. It bugged my though when I found out He-man was her brother. I always wanted them to kiss and marry eachother!! Haha, so funny bringing back some good memories. Loved flight of the navigator too! And forgot about the LIttles! haha... fun post!