Sunday, October 4, 2009

Soups & Sweaters

Lets just remind you all how much I dislike cooking. Yes, its true, but due to "house wife" circumstances, and the fact that I did not marry a chef, I kind of have to. So Friday Night we were invited to Alex's brothers house for a "soup and sweaters" party. It was going to be outside by a fire. I had this big idea to make this soup that is to DIE for! Chicken and Gnocchi soup. They serve it at Olive Garden...and I love it. Thanks to Google, I found the recipe. I went to the grocery store to buy all the yummy ingredients, and of course could not find Gnocchi anywhere. So I decided I would make these yummy balls of Gnocchi by scratch. I get home, back to Google, and I soon learned that my time had disappeared. So, I would not be making soup that day (sorry Christy). The party was fun. We left our kiddos home with my Brother and his wife. The soups were delish. Ok, Saturday I decided to make the soup. I went to my Mom's and she helped me a little. The Gnocchi was new to me and I messed up half of them, but all in all the soup was FANTASTIC! I had to blog about it, because its a bit out of character for me to want to make something. I just have to say...I love Google. I have gotten recipes for any restaurant food that I crave. Its awesome!


  1. My cousin went on his mission to Italy and he makes homemade Gnocchi everything - so good - love it. I'll have to google that other great soup Olive Garden has. Zupa something or other - that's Jed's favorite. Congrats on making wonderful soup!

  2. That was so ambitious of you! We were just glad you guys could make it (and hey, you know Id never complain about more bread!) Ill have to try this out someday, it really does look to die for.

  3. Haha, I bought some Gnocchi at the grocery store a while back and honestly had no clue what it was for but it looked fun! Ended up just tossing it out cuz I never used it. Great to know what it can be used for now!