Friday, November 6, 2009

FREE Movies Anytime in your Home!

Call me crazy, Call me dumb, you can say..."duhh", it doesn't matter, its more than likely true, but I LOVE my new discovery!! You see, I (like many of you I'm sure) get sick of my kids small collection of movies. We don't watch movies all day, but we do watch them often. About a year ago, Alex and I moved our "computer" center out into the living room using a beautiful computer hutch. Making our computer like a second T.V.!!! So when my girls want to watch something, maybe something seasonal like "Charlie Brown and the Big Pumpkin" ect.. I go to You Tube. Search for pretty much anything and include "Part 1" in my search, I am usually lead to that movie or show. I click on the little + sign, then I find all the other "parts" (part 2, part 3, ect...), add them, then I go to my "quick list" and "play all"!!! I blow up the screen big, and there is our movie! Yay! I have done this with so many movies you wouldn't even believe it! I mean seriously... you can find "almost" everything! I love Mickey mouse and there are TONS of shorts! So if you have your computer in a place that would be comfortable enough to sit and watch, give it a go! Its awesome! Goodbye kids rentals and goodbye Library (at least for my kids :) )

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  1. That's house Leni has learned the Disney princesses... I let her watch the love song from each of the movies. That way she learns the song, the princess, and it only lasts 10 minutes and it's over! Plus she misses out on the violence that are in all of those movies and so on. I also use it to learn about new things that we are focusing on---like a fireworks show on July 5th and 6th and 7th when Leni asked to go see the fireworks again every hour. They have episodes on how fireworks are made even. I DO LOVE YOUTUBE!