Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good and Bad

I've been thinking about Husbands and Marriage. Yesterday I was saying to some friends,

"Marriage is truly the Best and Worst thing you will ever experience."

I really believe that. Alex and I have been together for Seven years now (including the "dating time"). I really feel that we have had so many ups and downs in our relationship. He would probably say that we have only had ups :) I love him for that though. Either way, I call it GROWTH. I would have to say, the worst time was when we lived in Laramie. I've shared this story before, so I won't again. But I was feeling a bit "disappointed". It wasn't all bad, but I didn't feel much love. I'm sure I was also a bit depressed. I kept asking the Lord "why". We lived there for two years and finally made it back to Idaho. Since then we have added two more kids to our family. A new job for Alex (which he loves). And most importantly, a must needed change for our family. I can't really pinpoint anything in particular. We still have arguments and disagreements (as I think most couples do), but I can honestly say things have only gotten better in our relationship. I want to attribute it to these things: One, a job that Alex really enjoys, and it doesn't require all of his time. Two, a support of family for me while Alex is busy. Three, (and I would say this is the most important), Alex's dedication to the Lord and His calling! Usually I would say all this "stuff" he has on his plate is a reason to be upset. But I haven't been feeling that at all. His job is our "support", His Masters degree is something Alex is working at so that he can improve our situation. His calling in the church is his way of doing what the Lord asks. I have only seen blessings from it. We try to go on dates when we can. Which is not too often. Last night Alex came home late from work, because he was trying to get some homework done. He walked in the door with a Card, a bag of Chocolate Truffles, Two movies, and a New Reading Lamp (which I was complaining about not having since my kids broke my last one). The card was very special. That "love" I wasn't feeling in Laramie, has transformed into something beautiful. I love my husband, in good times and in bad. This journey has not been the easiest, but I'm so glad we get to take it together.


  1. Awe how cute. I love the photo of you guys. That is so sweet that he brought all those things. One thing I do when I am not feeling "in love" is I write a list of all the reasons why I love Stephen and by the last one I am bawling and full of the "love" feeling. Marriage is more of real love than the butterflies love but it's important to get that too. Glad you guys have eachother.

  2. That was a sweet tribute to your husband. Everything you mentioned has held true in my marriage also. There are a lot of ups and downs but it can get better. I had to comment on your babywise also. Don't you love that! I use it on my babies too and it is awesome. It sure saves you when you are desperate for routine and more importantly- sleep. Hope you are all doing well.

  3. That's so sweet. I agree marriage is truly the best and worst of everything! You guys are a really cute cute couple ;)