Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stressing over a DOLL!

When Alex and I lived in Laramie, I had a friend who had this Talking Boo Doll. Dejah LOOOVED it! I just remembered it, and thought Mycah would just Love it for Christmas. I did a ton of research...and wouldn't you know it, brand new in the box...$200!!! Used on ebay, there are not a ton of options. I can buy her with messy hair and naked with no little toy for $30, or I can wait a few days and start bidding, but that will only get me a used Boo with messy hair and no little toy and probably only half dressed. Oh the stress! I already made a bid on one fully clothed but couldn't bring myself to pay more than $30 for it. So I lost. Anyone have great gift ideas for little girls?


  1. ayla really loves polly pockets. i have found a lot of really great collections on craiglist for cheap...if your girls like to play with little dolls!

  2. Its not a little doll. Its a little "baby". :) I shouldn't get tiny stuff yet. They aren't responsible with them, and Logan could choke. Thanks for the idea though.