Thursday, March 11, 2010

Embarrassing Veins

Oh Goodness! When I look at these pictures, I seriously don't know weather to laugh or cry real hard. Either way producing some serious tears! If you don't already know, I suffer from Vulvar Varicose Veins AND Varicose Veins in the legs....only....the suffering is pretty much contained to Pregnancy. They get worse with each child. So, for the next five or so months, I am in pain throughout the "hoo hoo" area, and in my legs. Not just little aches here and there, Pain. Swelling. Too much activity is no good. Lifting, bad idea. Intimacy, awful! Too much sitting around, not great but better. This, all in addition to regular pregnancy undesirables. I swore I would never be pregnant in the summer again. I guess things don't always happen as planned, leaving me to contemplate weather it is worth the investment to buy the MOTHER of all Granny Panties! I suffered with my other kids....should I do it again? Especially when I've decided this is my final pregnancy? These "Granny Panties" are called a V Brace made by Fembrace. They are supposed to remedy the pain through the vulva...which is way worse than the legs. But One pair.....75 to 80 BUCKS! Or you can get the "special"...2 for 100 Bucks! What to do?? Especially since I have found few testimonials on weather it really works. Of course, they would not be refundable. Also, how do you wear clothing over the top of these??? There is bulk everywhere??

I also found this one online. It is a different brand. The "testimonials" were all over the board. It costs the same, but there is no "special" two for $100. It may work better under clothing, but still, if I spend that kind of money...I need a product that WORKS!

So now I'm going to pose the question to all you Moms out there who: suffer, may have suffered, will suffer, or Do Not suffer from vulvar veins. What would you do??

I am pretty active in the summer, but I'm afraid if I just try to wait it out to the end I will just be a miserable mom to my three busy bodies.



  1. Maybe the first, the second is....Not Okay. I'm afraid your hubby might think you are a man wearing a jock strap..haha I too suffered from these veins from hell and the pain is unbelievable! Maybe stick a sock in your undies I dunno...I never found a thing that worked!

  2. I say try it! You want to be as comfortable as you can be during the active summer!! If it works it will be worth it's weight in GOLD!

  3. You are the only one who knows how miserable they make you. If it were me and I felt like it was unbearable it would be worth the $100. But like you said you don't know if it will help but I think it's worth a try. I think mild exercise everyday would really help.

  4. Hey girl! Yeah, they hurt! Those get-ups are pretty funny looking, but if they'll make you feel better, then go for it. As much as the jock strap one looks hilarious, if it's got testimonials to back it up then that might be a safer bet for you.
    Good luck :)

  5. I would definitely GO FOR IT! I couldn't imagine the pain and would think that any kind of relief would be totally worth it. I know it's non refundable but that is a risk that I would be willing to take. You deserve it girl!