Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gettin' Some Sun/ Gettin' Rid of Cats!

Monday was a sunny day with a high of 59. A much needed change in my opinion. I decided to utilize my day doing some much needed yard prep. Although I must say, I didn't get nearly enough done. Ok, so all winter long, the dumb neighborhood cats have been using my flower and garden boxes as their personal litter boxes. Some of my bulbs have been pulled up and it is so frustrating to me. The box they liked the most had nothing in it, so I guess that was lucky for me. I spent a couple hours at least just "de-pooping" the boxes! It was NASTY! If I had a trap, I would catch those cats and go take them somewhere far away from here! It stunk really bad! After I was done I put chicken wire over the boxes. Hopefully they'll figure out they can't come and do their crapping here.

These next two boxes were pretty "untouched". So Glad, because they have the most bulbs.

Can you believe this pansy lasted the whole winter?!!

When there is Sun, there are kids dieing to be in it! Logan didn't even hesitate on the grass. I sat him up on the patio and he took off straight to the trampoline where there was a big shiny soccer ball. I can't believe the grass didn't deter him.

Oh this hair!!! Thursday it is getting a serious A line cut!! Thank heavens!

After having a big crying fit, Mycah decided she wanted and extreme close-up shot!

Lets just say, we are all very ready for spring!


  1. D&B has live traps to use for that...need more cat advise? Email me...we had similar cat problems...but not anymore!!

  2. I say hook some voltage up to the chicken wire, that will give the cat a nice surprise. :)

  3. Yay for sun! I'm impressed that Logan likes the grass. Tucker doesn't want anything to do with it and starts wimpering when I set him in it!

  4. That is so funny because we had a couple of stray cats pooping in our flowers down here in CA. My husband bought a live animal trap and let the cats out a couple towns away!

  5. Don't you just LOVE spring time? I swear I'm happier already, just watching our bulbs pop out of the ground and start growing taller each day!

    Way to go for planting some bulbs as well - we all need a little happiness in our lives! :)

  6. Wow, your kids are getting so big, and they are so cute. You are looking very good for being preg. I love you hair it is looking beautiful. Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving comments.