Friday, May 28, 2010


Well everyone, I am about 28 weeks along in my pregnancy! Its been getting kinda crappy, everything hurts, but it should all be over in hopefully 10 weeks! I had a Dr. appointment a few days ago. The "glucose test". Let me tell you, that was THE WORST ONE I have had to drink yet. It was orange, NO carbonation...YUCK! I really had to gag it down. Anyway the Dr. measured me and I am measuring around 29. All my appointments are scheduled for the rest of the pregnancy.

Yesterday was Logan's Birthday. He turned one! I can't believe how the time flies. He is so fun when he's happy, and equally as "fun" when grumpy. He LOVES to be outside. Definitely Daddy's boy in that area. He's started to walk a little. But not confident enough yet. That's perfectly ok with me. As soon as he starts walking I KNOW he'll start climbing. And I'm definitely NOT ready for that. He's also getting curious. Time for cupboard locks, keeping the toilet seat DOWN, doors to outside closed, and something covering the garden boxes (for some reason he likes stuffing the fertilized soil in his mouth...mmm). So anyway, to celebrate, Alex wanted to take the kids swimming. Since Given's Hot Springs is the only place nearby that will allow "baby floats", we took them there. They had a great time. There was hardly anyone there. Afterward, we ran a few errands and came home for naps. For dinner we decided to take the kids out for dinner. Since Logan is limited in what he can eat, we took them to Carino's and pigged out on Fet. Alfredo, bread, and soup, YUM!! Logan LOVED it!

The weather has been so crappy this spring. It seems we get a couple random days of nice weather, then its back to COLD, WET, WINDY and GLOOMY. Alex has been wanting to take the kids on a little campout while he's home and available, but there hasn't been any good time yet. I'm also kind of waiting for this to happen so I can have a "Mom Party". Cmon' weather!

We sold the camper and truck. We decided that it just wasn't worth the money to keep it. We already put a little over $400 into it. It still needed licenced, registered, and insured. To top that off, it costs around $100 just to fill it. It took a 1/2 tank for Alex to just drive it down to work and home again. We sold it for $650. So now it is out of our hair. I'm hoping some day we will be in a situation where we can buy a decent camp trailer. That will be fun :) Until then....tent camping it is!


  1. What glucose drink did you have with your others? Mine this time was the orange, no carbonation kind as well.

    With my previous two it was orange, but carbonated. Both gross, I don't know which was better. I was faster at getting the no-carbonation one down, I think.

  2. my other glucose drinks tasted like 7-up. Not too bad.

  3. Did you have a choice? I had the orange with C. Never again. I did the 7 up one last time, I'm sticking with that one.