Monday, May 24, 2010

Proud Mom

Yesterday we went to my Mom's house to celebrate Logan's and my Mom's birthdays.

( I'm really bummed that I didn't get any pictures, but my Dad did, so we will post those later.)

Anyway, to the point. This may be of no significance to anyone else, but it is HUGE to me. I was in the kitchen feeding Logan. My girls were at the counter while my Dad was helping them with something. All of a sudden he "rippes one".....and says to Dejah "did you hear that floor creek??". She starts laughing saying "you tooted!" Then my Dad leaves the kitchen and goes into the living room where everyone else was. I start hearing people say...."Does someone have a poopy diaper??" My Dad admits to dragging it with him, then my brother David comes into the kitchen where I was sitting with the kids. Anyway about 5 minutes later, Dejah hands over this paper.

CKum to mI hAIS
DAV Smeld yor tot
(let me spell it correctly for you)
Come to my house
Dave smelled your toot

I don't really know what it meant exactly, but as you can tell it had something to do with my Dad and his "not so secret...passing of gas".
What makes me so proud is that my little girl, who is growing like a WEED, could write! Seriously just 9 months ago when she started kindergarten, she couldn't even write OR identify any of her letters or numbers. Her school and teachers have been working with her really hard and she has come so far. Yes, she didn't spell it right, but she was able to work out the sounds and make a sentence. I'm a proud mom!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!! That's so awesome!! Seriously...I'm still laughing out loud. That's so cute!

  2. It is awesome to see young kids sound out and write their own words. Even if they are spelled wrong it's awesome. And funny story by the way.