Sunday, July 11, 2010

My Favorite Outing This Summer!

Being Pregnant this summer has really been no fun for me. I pretty much miss out on all the fun. Yesterday we were at my parents house and Dejah was begging Grandma to go boating. She didn't really have to beg. They were more than willing especially since they haven't been out with the boat YET this summer. So, lucky for us I had everyone's swimming suits packed (you never know right ;) Plus Dejah brought it up before we even left the house.) We packed up a few things and headed out. I swore I would NOT put myself in a swimsuit this summer, but when it is almost 100 degrees outside, there really is no avoiding it. We went to Black Canyon Reservoir. It is about 30min. from my parents house, and not nearly as crowded as the Boise hot spot....Lucky Peak. We love this lake!

Getting a start on boating! The girls don't look too excited in these pictures but they really were!

First trip to the lake, Alex always gets the jitters strapping that board on!....

....But once in the water, it is all FUN!

Meet the Driver!

We did a lot of swimming behind the boat (as in everyone else but me). I did get wet though. I was so proud of Dejah, she was so brave and got right in the water with that life jacket and swam around like it was no big deal!

We got Dejah and Mycah on the knee board just for the fun of it. Dejah wasn't too sure at first, but got comfortable and had fun. Mycah was just being competitive with her sister.

Here is me and my little guy...and of course the nameless baby girl curled up inside of me. This trip really made my summer!


  1. I just want to know, WHERE IS YOUR BELLY?!!! You are what 34 weeks now HELLO hot mama you're makin the rest of us look bad.....;)

  2. So fun! Looks like a great summer outing. Logan is getting so big! Can't wait to see baby girl!