Monday, August 2, 2010

I Am Goooooood!

So on Saturday, I went to my Mom's house. She told me that my brother moved out and decided to take some things with him...including the TV stand that was downstairs. Lucky for her I had the truck, so we decided to do a little shopping! During this "run around" we wound up at Fred Meyers. We WERE looking for TV stands but what did I find????? The Table of my dreams!! You see I've realized that we've outgrown our little 4 person table. The thing is, tables and chairs aren't cheap. And the other thing is that I have a very small "dining" area (if you even want to call it that), so any 6 person table would literally swallow my kitchen in half.
Ok, so back to my "dream table". Skinny? Yes! Right color? Yes! Seats six? Yes! Price??...get this $699!! OUCH!! I look at the price tag...%50 off! Nice....only...I didn't have $350 just to fork out on a new table. I decided to be a responsible adult, and put it out of my mind. (you know how easy that is?)
Ok, Sunday I'm taking a bath...relaxing and meditating on how to get this baby to come and then it hits me!!! Try to sell MY table on Craigslist for $275ish. Really? Would someone by it for that? I decided to "obey the sabbath" and wait till Monday. So here we are. Monday. I decided to knock it down to $250 and what to you know? All it took was for me to say we would deliver and it was SOLD!! Ahhhh! Dream table here I come!
We made our way to Fred Meyers. The table was there, the tag reading %50 off was there PLUS a coupon for and additional %10 off!!! Are you kidding me?? The service lady said the floor model was the last one and that is why it was %50 off. Guess what, no assembly required!! Triple YaY! So I got $250 for my table. The total of my dream table was $333. Making the overall total right around $80!!! I am goooood! And I thank the Lord every day for blessing me when I need it.
So here is my "Before Table"

And here is my "Dream Table"!! Don't you LOVE it!!!????


  1. What a great deal! Yes, that is a beautiful table!

  2. Fantastic!!! Isn't it amazing what a little (or not so little I guess) change can do for you?? Enjoy your table!

  3. I do love it! And it was such a great steal!

  4. That is AWESOME! I never can find a deal like that. Love the new table!

  5. That IS awesome! Though I was gonna see if you wanted our extend-able table for $50. No chairs, but a great table! But it looks like you found something you loved anyway! New furniture is awesome!!

  6. The new table is adorable! Way to go on the great deal.