Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Stuff

Well, I just spent the last half hour or more just reading emails sent by Alex's family. Crazy. It made me realize that I need to do more blogging about my "day to day" things. So that is what this post will be.

This last weekend was good. It was nice to see Alex's family for a little bit. Dejah really loves her cousins and doesn't get to see them too often. The kids had fun at the BBQ just running around and playing. I was kind of bummed that it was so short. Everyone had somewhere to go that evening. Lucky for Alex, his Dad and Brothers came over to our house to watch the Football game, so that was fun for him.

Sunday was the Baby Blessing. Our church meeting time changed from 9 to 10:50. That SAVED me! There is NO WAY I could have gotten all the kids and myself out the door in time.

Since summer has kind of come to an has our swimming adventures. Dejah has been asking over and over if we could take her swimming. The biggest problem is that all the pools are closed except for the ones in gyms. We don't have one in Kuna or even very close. Monday I decided we needed to do that for the kids. So when Alex got home we quickly packed up the swimming suits and drove about 20mins. away to the YMCA. Oh my goodness you should have seen the grins on the kids faces! They had a BLAST! Of course I sat out as usual. I can't get in pools yet. Soon though, I hope. Then Alex can have more fun. He ends up just preventing Logan from drowning, which isn't too fun. Dejah has become quite the swimmer. She'll do summer-salts under water and jump off the edge and be all over the place. I love it! It would be fun to put her on some kind of swim team, but like I said before, we don't have any pools close by. After swimming we grabbed a bite in the car and went home.

Today I had my 6 week follow up with my Dr. We discussed Birth Control options. I really really want the Marena IUD, but its going to cost me almost $1000 out of pocket, so we need to save up. In the mean time he suggested the mini pill. The hormones are way less, but I am going to have to be EXTREMELY faithful in taking it at the same time EVERY day. I just don't want to go "crazy", so hopefully this works until I have enough money saved.

In other "stuff". I'm going a little stir crazy. I feel like I "define" the term "Stay-At-HOME Mom". That is really what I do. I clean house, feed kids, change diapers and repeat that around the clock. My only outings are for grocery shopping, which isn't too fun with all of my kids. I am extremely due for a day off. I'm almost tempted to hire someone for the day to watch my kids just so that I can get out. And I'm talkin'...the WHOLE day. I want to go shopping. I want a mani-pedi. I want to go to lunch AND dinner!...and if I could wing it...I would also reserve a hotel room and watch a movie and get a long solid night sleep where I could sleep in and order room service. Now that would be nice. For now I will just do what I do, because I love my kids and would rather be here than out in the work force.


  1. I just don't understand why it'll cost $1000. Are you sure? I thought it was more like $700... I had the same doctor as you even.

  2. The Manufacturers raised the price. The actual cost is closer to 900. Still crazy.