Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Repeating Kindergarten

School is officially underway, and Dejah is repeating her Kindergarten year.

I'm not a very good mom when it comes to sitting down with the kids to teach them reading and math skills. For some this may come real easily. For me it just isn't. When Dejah was little we worked on those things, but it is something you have to keep up with. As life got busier and we added more kids, things like "schooling" just didn't happen. A lot of kids now-a-days go to preschool which really helps get them on course for Kindergarten, but preschool costs close to $100 or more a month for two or three days of preschool. Not something we could afford. Well anyway, Dejah's FIFTH birthday was on the first day of school last year. She just barely made the cut. I sent her knowing she would be a bit behind. The school was great. They had Dejah in extra little classes to help her along. She learned real quick. I was very impressed. At the end of the year I debated on holding her back. Do I really want my 17 yr old High School Grad. leaving to go to college? It just seemed right to have her repeat Kindergarten. School has started and she is now able to write letters, numbers, small words. I think this will be better for her. So far its going good. I'm not sure I like this MONDAY, WED, every other FRIDAY schedule though. Today Dejah was hungry (she didn't eat her lunch) and she was tired. Anyway, it is what it is. I'm excited to see Dejah learn more this year.


  1. Anna you totally did the right thing with kindergarten! We did the Monday, Wednesday and every other Friday with Eli. I didn't really love it, but I preferred it over the half days. Anyway CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lexi is gorgeous and I have been thinking about you. I was in Utah when you had her and i am so sorry I missed all the excitement! Are you up for company? I was wondering if I could stop by tomorrow or Friday and see your gorgeous new little gal. Oh you look amazing (as always)

  2. Just had to tell you I LOOVE the new picture of the kids on your header!! So cute!!