Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It all started last Monday. Dejah went to her first day of school. She came home complaining that her tummy hurt. I told her to lay down and watch a movie. Then she again told me she was going to "spit up". I helped her to the toilet where it all came out. She basically threw up all afternoon and into the night. The next day she was fine. Back to her normal self. I thought that was pretty random.

A couple days later, Logan woke up. Alex went in to get him and he was covered in puke. Sometime in the night he must have thrown up and we didn't know it. We spent all morning cleaning him and his "mess". He didn't have a huge appetite that day, but acted totally normal. I thought that was pretty random.

A couple days later while visiting Alex's parents in Arco, our little baby Lexi started throwing up her bottle. She couldn't keep it down. I was also lucky if I could get her to even eat 2 ounces. Randomly she broke out in some kind of rash on her face too. That went away. All this felt pretty random, but I was wondering if my kids had some kind of stomach flu.

Monday, all my kids were back to normal. I even threw out my neck playing with Logan which sent me straight to the chiropractor. (that is a different story to tell) But in all my kids were good. No fussiness, No puking, No fevers, totally happy and content. Lexi was starting to eat more and hadn't thrown up anything since the night before. We had a great evening watching the game with Alex's brother and Family, kids went to bed great.

Now today, Logan woke up VERY fussy. He didn't want breakfast...NOTHING. Alex put him back to bed. I got him out of bed at 9:30 and he was still very fussy. He drank a bottle of milk then just screamed at me all morning. I gave him a bath then laid him on my bed. He watched Curious George for an hour then fell asleep. Mycah woke him up and he was still fussy. I decided to give him some Tylenol. He went straight back to bed and has been sleeping ever since. Seriously, he has been asleep ALL DAY. He is not puking, he doesn't even seem feverish, but he is definitely sick.

What is going on in my house???


  1. A bug. Sorry! Those are the worst, really nothing you can do! As for your comment on the "in" on kid things to do.....Jason and I had just talked about how we don't do anything now that we have kids! I am glad we made it down there! It was worth it and free. A MAJOR reason as to why we don't do anything! :) I remember when Jason and the girls and I could eat at McDonalds for like $6. Not any more!!!!!! :)

  2. The flu is terrible and it's the worst when kids have it! I hope they are all feeling better!