Friday, September 10, 2010

Throwing Out My Neck

Monday was Labor Day. Alex had the day off. We had plans to finally get out with the kids. I was feeling really good and was really looking forward to having some fun family time. The morning started off good. The kids were in a really good mood. I was sitting down just watching the kids play. Logan came running up to me. I put him on my lap and started to play with him. As I was nuzzling his neck and chin with my nose, my neck suddenly seized up and my muscle in my right shoulder area felt pinched and started spazzing. I couldn't move and quickly made my way to the bed hoping if I relaxed it would let up. It hurt to lay down, It hurt to move. I was "paralyzed" by the pain. I was pretty much in tears. I had Alex get a hot pad under my neck and shoulder. After a while I realized it wasn't going to let up. After talking to my Mom on the phone I decided I'd better try to get ahold of a chiropractor. Now this is something I've never done. In fact I'm kind of a big sceptic of chiropractic care. A long time ago I was seen by a chiropractor for a "free exam". He took xrays and gave an assessment. He suggested "fixing" the curve in my spine and neck by a long series of visits that would happen over a year. I know some people buy that, but I personally believe the best "fix" is to keep your pain down by stretching and exercise. I don't believe there is ANYONE with a perfectly shaped spine. With all that being said, I do believe that Chiropractors have their place and really help a lot of people. So here I was, immobilized by A TON of pain. I was angry because this pretty much screwed up my WHOLE day! I got ahold of Dr. Hold from church and they got me right in. So all this week and next I am going in for adjustments. He got me mobilized, but I am still in pain. Hopefully by the end of next week I can be back to somewhat normal. It is really hurting today, so my goal is ICE, Ibuprofen, and an attempt not to overdo myself. Anyway, its been hard because I'm constantly having to bend over or carry babies which I'm sure isn't helping the problem. I hope this chiropractic stuff works. Here is a picture of the area that HURTS...minus the arm.


  1. That sounds so painful! I hope you get feeling better soon.

  2. I love the chiropractor! oh man...just saying that makes me long for my next adjustment! Once you get started you'll never stop!...or you'll regret it when you do. ;) Hope you're feeling better soon!